Weekend Course

Law of Vibratory Expansion: Advanced Esoteric Studies

in person or on Zoom ~ to be decided

Weekend dates to be announced. – spaces available

Lead:  Kevin Ronneseth:  kevinronneseth@shaw.ca

Class Size: 6-12 participants

Texts:  Various self-selected source materials.

Open to: those interested in greater esoteric understanding through the Law of Vibratory Expansion; where,“In teaching others comes further knowledge . . . and, in the play of other minds, the aspirant’s own vibration becomes keyed up to ever higher planes, and thus fresh intuition and fresh reaches of truth pour in”.  

Schedule:  9 weekend meetings starting in September.  If in person, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4pm; if on Zoom platform, Saturday and Sunday 9am to 12:30pm with a half hour break.  3 of these 9s weekends will be All Groups meetings with different timing if on Zoom. 

Location:  If in person, Kevin’s and Lynne’s home, Victoria, address provided when you register – otherwise via Zoom.

Description:  To acquire teaching skills in esoteric studies.  As Group we are all responsible for the teachings by which we learn. 

This course will provide the skills to bring light into dark places through teaching others, which further refines who we are, which in turn impacts upon the Group as a whole.  Exoterically, anyone who has completed this course will have the skills to develop and facilitate an ‘All Group’ weekend.  Esoterically, and more importantly, anyone who has completed this course will have stepped forward in fulfilling their purpose for being alive.